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Our goal is to offer you the best service at the lowest price. Our prices are competitive and we offer you the best quality and aftersale support.

Written translation into Dutch

Group / CategoryTranslation from Dutch, standard page Translation into a Dutch, standard page
Group 1. Basic complexity Dutch to English translation - 25 Euro per page English to Dutch Translation 25 Euro per page
Group 2. Average complexity translation. Medical, Technical, etc 30 Euro 30 Euro
Group 3. High Complexity translation - handwritten, difficul to read, unusual theme, complex formatting, etc. 40 Euro 40 Euro
Group 4. Translation via second language. ie: Thai to Dutch ( Thai - English / English - Dutch ) 55 Euro 55 Euro
Proofread 15 Euro 15 Euro


Dutch Interpreting Services

Languageprice per hour/day of work
Dutch Interpreter Dublin only 45 Euro / 180 p/d
Other location, travel charged separately 45 Euro / 180 p/d plus travel exp


Notary certification of Dutch documents or Documents prepared for use in The Netherlands

Certification typesTerms of implementationPrice per work
Translation notary certification True Copy of Original 10 Euro
Translation Certification 25 Euro
Notary certification of a document True Copy of Original 15 Euro
Power of Attorney / Signature 25 Euro


Apostille of documents and copies certified by a Notary

Legalization typesTerms of implementationPrice per document
Apostille of documents in MFA department of Dublin city and Dublin region 2 working days 40 Euro plus courier charge
Less than 2 working days 50 Euro plus courier charge



Contact Information

You can find us in the very heart of Dublin city center every day except Sundays and holidays, from 9 a.m. to 18 p.m. Our flexible working hours are for your convenience, and you will be always more than welcome to come.

Telephone / fax (01) 872-81-79 | (00353) 85 140 70 50  - Mob
Email Please email us: irina@ales.ie
Map Location map
Websites www.apostille.ie | www.ales.ie
Address 3d Floor, 55 Lower O’Connell Street, Dublin 1, Ireland

Opening hours 9:00 to 18:00, Monday to Friday,  Saturday: appointments only
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