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We can provide the following types of certification

Translator certification

This certification proves that the translation provided by the translator or by the translation agency, is accurate and true rendering of  the original.

Although the cost of this type of certification is normally included in the translation fee, an additional fee may be applied for additional certified copies of the translation.

Solicitor or Notary Certification of the Translation

In order to obtain a solicitor’s or notary certification of the translation, the translation is attached to either the original document or to a certified copy of it. We then attach a statutory declaration to the document and the translation is signed by the translator in the presence of a notary. The notary certifies the authenticity of the signature.

Costs for this type of certification vary from 15 to 25 euro depending on the seal.

Legalization of the document

For document legalization a solicitor or a notary must certify  that the document was prepared or issued in Ireland and can be apostilled.

Costs vary from 15 to 25 euro depending on the seal.

True Copy of the Original

This type of certification attests that the copy is a true and accurate copy of the original.

Costs vary from 10 to 15 euro depending on the seal.

Dutch Notary translation

A notarized translation or ‘translation with notary certification’ is a translation which is certified by a notary. Dutch documents with a notary translation need to be submitted to the public institutions of countries where Dutch is not the first language. For Dutch documents used in Ireland, a notary translation is required and an Apostille or a legalization mark needs to be added in the country of origin. Some documents are exempted from these requirements. For more details on this subject, feel free to contact our customer managers.

There is no standard type of certification applied to your documents. In order to identify the right certification to apply, let us know what the purpose of your translation is, and we will be able to calculate the time needed and take care of the appropriate steps to prepare your documents.

Please read this carefully: we can only provide certification services for translations performed by our company. However, in case your document has already been translated and you only need a certification, we can provide an additional validation for your document to make sure that we can sign it.


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